Projects Page

This page houses all my previous projects that I have made public including presentations, public papers, and assets, and is up to offer the content more publicly to people.

  • PDUSBOC (Practical Defense against Universal Serial Bus based Overvoltage Devices)


    This project aimed at identifying a defense against universial serial based Overvoltage devices, or more commonly refered to as Killer USBs, which when plugged into a USB Host adaptor, would damage the CPU north bridge and prevent the computer from functioning. This project was presented at BSidesCanberra 2017, and identified how to construct and build a USB Based Overvoltage device, but never developed a practical defense against these devices.


    • Presentations

      This presentation was lost after its debue at BSidesCanberra 2017.

    • Paper

      No paper was produced for this project.

    • Assets

      Assets file (.7z)

  • Galaxy Lock


    This began after I saw one of the locks around, and said "im gonna pick that", the aim was to understand how the lock functioned, identify how I could attack it, and attack it. This project was presented at OzSecCon 2018, with some technical dificulties, and at SecTalks Perth, using the same presentation. The paper was released after the conference in a limited capacity.


  • Rubber Ducks: Loud and Noisy no more


    I gave a presentation to some people from the ECU Cysca team, regarding Rubber Ducks and how to optimise your code for them, this offered a different view on a different attack vector. This version has has the C2 used for staging redacted.


  • Hacktober Writeups

    Contents for writeups: MinUv1 by 8bitsec, LazySysAdmin by Togie Mcdogie, LampiĆ£o: 1 by Tiago Tavares, Toppo by Hadi Mene.

  • Infernal.Buisness Writeup

    Contains the writeup for the Infernal.Buisness challenge by Hack4Satan